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Saturday, July 5, 2014
Happy Fourth of July! I think since it fell on a Friday, the whole weekend pretty much is considered a holiday. At least that is how we are treating it.

Andrew got up early yesterday to go play golf with some friends. One of the few things worth getting up at 5 am for. Meanwhile P and I went and ate breakfast at a local park and fed the ducks. There were just two little white ducks inhabiting the lake, but P loved them. He would point and say "duck quack quack." It was amazingly cool outside yesterday and the perfect day to be outside.

P was pretty good at tossing bits of bread to the ducks, but every once in a while I would catch him eating one himself. Haha.

After the park we ran some errands to get ready for all the weekend meals and festivities. And in the 2 hours we were out he was called a pretty little girl by three people. Of note, he was not called a boy once. Time for another haircut I suppose...but seriously, he is in a red white and blue shortall. One particular stranger actually called him a "pretty Irish lass." For the most part I don't correct, if it is a stranger and we are never going to we them again. Not worth making them feel bad. But yesterday morning was a bit much. Yes he is pretty though. And looked precious in his 4th of July garb.

Last night we got together with friends over at Travis and Gina's to celebrate. We had yummy food, s'mores on the fire and shot off a bunch of fireworks. We tried to space the big ones out so we wouldn't be quite as conspicuous, and made it out without any conversations with the law. 

Food on the fourth of July is so fun. Watermelon is a staple, and Adrienne had some cut up into little sticks for easy eating.

Yesterday afternoon I tried out a recipe I saw on a blog this week for caramel marshmallow popcorn. Pretty much you take popcorn and make it super unhealthy (with butter, marshmallows and brown sugar). Then you toss in some red and blue mini m&ms to make it patriotic. Because food should be red white and blue on the 4th. It turned out cute, and yummy.

Travis had a trailer set up in the backyard and had attached some PVC pipes to use to launch things. It was all very professional. :)

The girls were happy to just sit back and watch the show, and say a prayer out husbands did not get hurt. We put P to bed upstairs about 8:30 right after we started shooting the fireworks. But he was not phased at all. Slept right through it, and slept right through getting moved to his car seat and to his crib at home later that night. Such a good kid. He enjoyed the few he got to see before bedtime.

And now it is Saturday and we get to do Fourth of July two more times with family. It is going to be a great day. Have a great one!

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