Number 6

Sunday, July 13, 2014
6 years ago yesterday was this day:

My how the time flies. It feels like not that long ago that we were getting in that car and headed to Hawaii for our honeymoon. It has been, and continues to be, a fun adventure each and every day. Even more so with the addition of a spunky little red-headed toddler in tow.

We didn't have huge plans for no. 6. We are in the process of working out some much bigger plans for next year. Andrew had to work yesterday but thankfully it was a weekend which meant the store closed at 6 and we could eat dinner as a family. We met at Rosie's for some good Mexican food (i.e. queso).

I totally forgot to take any pictures, except for this one of P snuggling with his brown puppy that he refused to leave in the car.

Then we stopped by the mall to look for a key piece of our family halloween costume for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party this fall because I got a tip earlier in the day from Adrienne that Belk had what we were looking for on sale. I know that was intentionally cryptic, full disclosure to come I promise. And we couldn't go to the mall without sharing a slice of cookie cake for our anniversary dessert, and a anniversary selfie.

Andrew has made me feel especially loved with flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a really pretty Keil James Patrick pearl anchor bracelet. It has been no small feat considering he worked all weekend, so he had to call in some accomplices of his parents and Adrienne to pull off some of it.

It has become a tradition that each year on our anniversary I get a bouquet of flowers just like the one on our wedding day. Our wedding flowers were absolutely beautiful and so colorful and happy. Getting to relive them each year is one of my favorite traditions. Andrew had me thinking it was not in the cards this year because of logistical challenges. Little did I know that when Adrienne was "running late" for girls lunch yesterday because she needed to "dry her hair" that she was at InBloom picking the flowers up to deliver them to me. They were beautiful as ever.

I can't leave out Andrew's gifts for documentary sake. He got an Auburn vineyard vines tie, new golf balls (that he picked out and bought because we are romantic like that), and some Star Wars PJ pants.

It was a really fun night and a great anniversary. We get to celebrate again on Monday sans Perry thanks to a Granna who has offered to babysit.

Love you Andrew. Here's to many more years and adventures together.

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