Random phone photos

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
I was scrolling back through my iphone camera roll recently and found a smattering of pictures that never made it onto the blog. Just little snapshots of life that didn't warrant their own blog post, so I figured I would let them collectively have their own post.

Sunday evenings at the pool have become a weekly tradition for us this summer. I love this selfie of me and my boy poolside.

Snuggles before bed

P loves his Jake and the Neverland Pirates PJs

Post bath crazy hair

Popsicles at the Greene street market. Yummy.

We have started learning to brush our teeth. Perry thinks the process is hilarious and so fun. At night we will ask him if he wants to go brush his teeth and he gets the biggest smile as he rushes up the stairs chanting "teeth, teeth."

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