Showing some love to the cows

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Yesterday was cow appreciation day at Chickfila. The story goes that if you dressed like a cow you got free food. By the number of human cows on my Facebook newsfeed and the packed house at the restaurant...clearly people like chickfila and opportunities to get free food.

We love us some CFA, and not just because it is one of the about 3 restaurants in Hampton cove. We didn't go all out in our costumes, but Perry's dalmatian ears looked a little cow like and did the trick to get him a free meal. You can guess how long they stayed on his head.

We met up with Emily and the kids for lunch (along with the rest of hampton cove). They were much more committed to the cow cause and were spotted all over.

The chickfila cow was there of course giving away hugs, high fives and little toy cows. Perry saw him from inside the play room and had to to out and meet him. He gave him a high five.

We stayed and played for a long while with the kids. Perry is so good about just running right along with the big kids. He only freaked out once when he had climbed all the way up to the top of the playplace and wasn't sure how to get back down. Kate and a friend of hers were really sweet to him up there and tried to calm him down while I worked on climbing up there to get him.

Thanks CFA for the free lunch!

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