Throwback Thursday: Stuff the Bug

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Today we are going to throwback about seven years to my senior year at Auburn and the night we successfully stuffed 16 people inside a Volkswagon bug..with the windows rolled up.

You can't see me...I am curled up into a human ball down in the driver floorboard cuddling with the gas and break pedals.

It is a COSAM Leader tradition, at our spring dinner over at Dr. Wit (and Mrs. Nancy's) house, to see how many people you could get inside his car. If my memory serves me correctly, we were the first group to get everyone in with the windows up (the previous class had many arms and legs hanging out the windows). Though I hear we got showed up the next year when the group not only got everyone in and the windows up, but added a small stuffed animal just to beat us. Leaders tend to be a competitive bunch of people.

Being a COSAM Leader was such a highlight of my college career. The Leaders are the student ambassadors for the college of sciences and mathematics. It allowed me to get to know a bunch of amazing fellow students and faculty and staff really well and serve the college I loved and had poured so much into me.

I found this photo the other day as I was looking through old college pictures and it just makes me smile every time I see it.

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