First day of Preschool 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
All the areas schools started back in session yesterday, which meant it was time for Perry's first day of real preschool. I went into work a little late so we could drop him off at 8:15 when the individual class times start (between 7:30 and 8:15 it is just open play time). Andrew had traded his days around this week too so he could be off and help take P to school on his first, first day. We stopped and had some Dunkin' for breakfast on the way.

We of course had to take the quintessential front door first day of school pictures. The first of many in years to come I am sure. And I am sure that the day will come that he will not let me make him wear little smocked apple outfits. Until then smocked apples it is.

He got the hang of the whole backpack thing for the most part.

Once we got to Mayfair we took some more family pictures and headed inside where we were greeted by the teachers and office staff. I love that they all knew him and called him by name when we walked in. I know he is going to be loved on by so many sweet people there.

Drop off went way more smoothly than even expected. Perry walked right in, to go check out the toy box in the back of the room, and ever looked back. Andrew picked P up after lunch to come home and nap since he was off for the day. We hear that Perry had a great first day at school, although at 19 months he can't fill in all the blanks for us and tell us about it himself. He must have played hard because he napped at home from 1-5.

We were forewarned that drop off on day 2 would probably be tougher, and it was. He definitely knew what was happening and was not a fan of mommy leaving him there. Though I hear he was fine a couple minutes later and as I was walking out the director was sending Kate who was also walking in to go down the hall and comfort him. So sweet.

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