Lions, tigers and bears oh my

Saturday, August 2, 2014
We got back this afternoon from a fun overnight getaway to Birmingham to see friends and visit the zoo. Meredith and I have been trying to coordinate schedules and find a weekend for us to come down since early May and we finally did it...the weekend before school starts back.

Last night we went to Homewood for dinner at Urban Cookhouse, some window shopping and popsicles at Steel City Pops. No trip to Birmingham in the summer is complete without one.

Our child has no sense of stranger danger and just about joined another family at the popsicle joint. I noticed the family talking about him amongst themselves (I overhear those conversations all the time...people are not terribly subtle) and apparently Perry noticed too because he walked right over and game a random woman a hug around her leg. She loved it and he continued to walk over and hug her the rest of the time we were there. Fortunately she seemed nice and was kidding when she said "I'm going to take you home." We were all laughing hysterically at how social he is with complete strangers.

This morning we all got up early and headed to the zoo when they opened at 9, to beat some of the heat and the crowds. Perry is so into animals and animal noises we knew he would be a fan.

I love this picture of P walking with Mere and Elliott.

We got to see lots of animals like lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

And zebras, and elephants, and rhinos, and giraffes (with ridiculously long tongues).

Yes, that is his tongue hanging out of his mouth. lol.

I think Perry's favorites of the day were the giraffes and the monkeys, which he calls "ah-ahs."

I think the adults' favorites were this guy...who was living the good life lounging around with no care for the fact that hundreds of people were staring at him.

And this guy who had made himself a hat out of straw.

We spent about three hours exploring the zoo, until we were hot, hungry and the zoo was getting very crowded. After the zoo we went and had pizza at a little place in Mountain Brook and hit up the outlet malls briefly (hello tax free weekend) before we headed back home to Huntsville. It was awesome to get to see old friends and catch up on life. And sit and watch episodes of Friends on TV at night like old times. Thanks Mere and Elliott for having us. Come see us in Huntsville soon!

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