Nifty nifty dad is 60

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Today (or yesterday since it is technically after midnight when I am writing this), Perry and I spent a fun Saturday afternoon at the lake celebrating Dad's 60th birthday. We had so much fun visiting with family and eating lots of good food and cake. It stormed almost the whole time which kept us from spending time in or near the water, but it was nice and peaceful just sitting under the porch watching it rain and listening to the thunder.

When we got there, Dad and Krista came out to meet us and Perry instantly had them wrapped around his little fingers. Literally.

Krista's mom, Deane, celebrated a birthday this week too so they shared a cake and candles.

Perry was his charming self and had fun playing with everyone and showing off how well he runs and talks these days. He especially loved seeing mommyteen and papaw and learned to say "papaw" really well. He was talking about papaw all night.

Everyone was also impressed by Perry's fork skills which are still in development. You can tell he so badly wants to use it. I caught him once or twice picking the food up with his hands, setting it on the fork and guiding both the fork and food to his if to fool us into thinking the fork was helping the process.

Love this view. Even in the pouring down rain. It was a great afternoon. Happy Birthday Dad (and Deane)!

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