Recap from a rocking chair

Friday, August 22, 2014
Blogging has taken a backseat this week because it has been our annual planning retreat at work which occupies almost all mental processes, and nothing else all that interesting has been going on. But now as I sit in a rocking chair in the Charlotte airport (I love flying through here strictly for the ample presence of rocking chairs) I finally have some time and mental capacity to reflect back on the week a little.

Every year we kick off retreat (or entrench as we call it when we stay on-site at the institute) with our bead jar celebration. Filling a jar with beads representing all the people reached by education outreach in the past 12 months. I can't remember the exact number this year but I know it was >400,000. So awesome! And the black and white color scheme is really cool too...nicely done boss. The jar has now found its home by the previous years' jars as a reminder of why we do what we do.

It was a busy, but incredibly productive week that started with beads and ended with giant calendars on the wall as we scheduled out the next 18 months at work. 

After a morning of calendaring, we all went to lunch and dessert to finish off the week. For dessert we went to this place called Sub Zero where they make ice cream fresh right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. So cool, and a little nerdy. I got a s'mores flavor with marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker crumbs. Yummy!

Meanwhile, in the rest of our family, Perry had a much improved week at Preschool. I love seeing this on his daily "sunshine report." Even when he is teething, he is such a happy kid.

I think that is the highlight reel from the week according to my phone photo roll. I am currently mid-trip, on my way to Ocean Isle, North Carolina for a long weekend beach trip with my grad school classmates. Looking forward to getting away for a couple days and spending time with those girls. And thankful for Granna and Granddaddy who are spending some extra time with P this weekend so this mommy could get away. Speaking of Granddaddy, the other big news this week is that he got really great news from the doctors in Nashville this week! The scans were great with a some tumor/node regression. So so thankful for a good report and for the wonderful month they have had getting to explore Europe with friends!

Now I am going to go back to airport layover people watching, and rocking in my chair. Happy Friday!

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