Saturday, September 13, 2014
I am super happy whenever Perry learns new words. We have lost all track of what he can say, because there is not much he can't repeat back. I am convinced he walked up to me this morning, pointed at an object and said "hand that to me?"

But I think hands down my favorite thing is hearing his little voice say "amen" at the end of prayer. He has gotten way better at saying it recently all on his own, so I know they must work on it at preschool too. Sometimes we get a little long-winded in our blessings and he decides to preemptively say "amen" in the middle which is funny. Pretty sure God understands a 20 month old attention span.

Hearing him say "amen" is a good reminder of everything that we desire to teach and pour into him. I so much want P to grow up knowing God as more than just the person we thank for our food and say goodnight to. That prayers and blessings are not just cute rhymes or phrases we say from rote memory. I want him to know and love Jesus as his friend and savior and learn to have real conversations with him.

We just started a sermon series at Rivertree all about family and last week Ross made a point about how the most important thing is to know your place as God's child (aka, Who's your Daddy?). And the relationship with God you desire to be a part of your family first needs to be true in your individual heart. My prayer is that I am continuing to grow in a true and meaningful relationship with my Father, and model that relationship for Perry as he grows and learns for himself who he is and who God is.

As Matt Maher sings, "Give thanks to The Lord for his love never ends, and all the people say AMEN."

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