At the ol' ball game

Monday, September 1, 2014
Once we made it to Atlanta on Friday our first stop (literally) was at the Braves game. Perry did pretty well on the drive over. We moved his carseat around so he could see us and where we are going and have more room for his growing legs and feet. I think he likes his new position, but I also think it resulted in less sleeping in the car. There is just too much to see facing forward.

Both on the way to and from Atlanta this weekend there was some meltdown when P was very much over riding in the car and was "stuck" in his carseat. When he wants out and is being restrained, he very emphatically says "I'm stuck." As if we didn't know he was stuck in his carseat...that is kind of the point. So he got to watch some movies on the iPad. We need to get some kind of seat-back holder for the iPad eventually, but Perry surprisingly did well just holding it and watching. We had fun listening to him laugh out loud along with the movie. He thinks Monsters University is hilarious.

We were a little early for the ball game so we had a chance to snap some pictures out in front of the stadium, get Perry a braves shirt to wear and get some dinner before the first pitch. After being cooped up in the car for 4 hours, Perry was happy to get to run around some. He loved the big baseballs...we had to keep stopping him from joining in other families' photos in front of them.

Our seats were just $10 but right behind home plate, albeit we were pretty high. They afforded some nice views of the stadium and city though. Kristen met up with us for the game after she got off of work. The game didn't start until 7:30 (Eastern time that is...the time change helped out some) and Perry was a trooper and stayed up way past his bedtime. He got a little bored and squirmy during the game so we took him to go run around and play in the stadium long about inning 5.

It was all manner of hot and humid...welcome to August in the deep south. By the end of the game we were pretty much a hot mess.

I think Perry enjoyed his first major league baseball game. It was a fun night and the Braves won 5-2 over the Marlins. And it was just the start to a very fun and jam packed labor day weekend in Atlanta.

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