I ran ATL 20k

Monday, September 1, 2014
Saturday morning kicked off early, very early. Alarms were set for 5:15 am (which to my central time zone body felt a lot like 4:15 am), because Kristen and I had to be on the 6:10 Marta train headed for downtown...

...to run the "I run the ATL" 20k relay. That meant we each ran a 10k one after another. After a slow Marta ride thanks to a single track we walked up to the start line just a few minutes before race time. We just barely had time to get situated and snap a pre-race photo.

We of course had to sport our orange and blue since it was also the first football gameday of the season! Kristen ran the first leg and I ran the second, and passed off a little clip with our timer on it. Kristen did rejoin me for the very last few steps so we could cross the finish line together.

It was a relatively easy and flat course and we got fun medals for finishing. It was also a nice way to kick off a game day so we could be guilt free in eating and watching football much of the rest of the day.

Meanwhile the boys got to sleep in before they had their own little unexpected adventure. Andrew went out on Kristen's balcony to toss a diaper in a trash can and while he was out there, Perry reached up and locked the balcony door...locking Daddy out on the porch and himself in the apartment. Yikes. Thank goodness Andrew had his cell phone with him so he could call us. Kristen was able to call her apartment complex's emergency maintenance number and get someone to come rescue Andrew from the porch. Andrew also was able to think clearly enough to use his phone to play some Disney videos on youtube through the glass door so Perry would stay right there and not wander off through the apartment.

Everyone made it out of that predicament safe and sound. The boys then went to grab some breakfast before meeting up with us girls downtown for the always super special Dragon Con parade, which will require its own post with pictures.

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