No Way Jose

Monday, September 8, 2014
Week two of college football is in the books and Auburn is 2-0. Not going to start bragging about being undefeated until we hopefully play and win against a few more teams. This week was not supposed to be a tough game and it lived up to our expectations. We won by a big margin against San Jose State. Makes for a less stressful game environment for sure.

It was a night game so we knew we needed to watch from home so we could put Perry to bed mid-game. So we ordered a bunch of wings and invited friends over to watch with us. It was a fun night of game watching and indoor tailgating.

We had quite the food spread.

I made some football cupcakes (also doubled as Grandma's birthday cupcakes) and football choclate covered strawberries. They were just boxed cupcakes and canned frosting...but they tasted yummy and looked cute all the same.

We all just kind of grazed on the food all night long. Perry and Will had fun playing with toys while the adults watched the game. They are both so much bigger and more interactive this football season than last. We also did a lot of just visiting and yelling "touchdown" a lot (thankfully). At one point there was a shaker attack happening in the living room.

These cute little Auburn fans didn't make it awake the whole game, but they were troopers and stayed up for a good portion of it. At least until we knew our tigers had the game well in hand.

Perry was good to go past his bedtime since I had to go wake him up from his nap at 6:30 pm. He talked and played by himself for what had to have been an hour or so after he was put in his crib to nap. I could hear him up on the monitor saying "Auburn... tigers.... auburn...tigers.... waaaaarrrr....hey." Thats our little brainwashed tiger. Train them when they are young.

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