Only at dragon con...

Thursday, September 4, 2014
...can you find Waldo and Carmen Sandiego walking down the street together. Passing a storm trooper, my little pony and a bloody Ronald McDonald (yeah that really happened).

Last weekend after the 20k and Andrew's adventure on the porch, we met up in downtown Atlanta to see a little bit of the Dragon Con parade. Dragon Con is a big conference for all things fantasy. Thousands of people are all dressed up in their favorite fictional characters...people in the parade and just the random spectators.

Some of the costumes were really impressive, and some were really strange. All were entertaining. It really spanned the demographic spectrum. Kristen about got run over (actually she did get run over) by a wizard on a scooter at one point and there were lots of dressed up little kids.


Perry had fun looking at all the people and sights. After the parade we grabbed lunch and headed back to Kristen's apartment for naptime before the Auburn kickoff. 

It was a seriously diverse weekend, from dragons to football, to running a 20k, to a braves game, to the Decatur book festival. We pretty much ran the cultural gamut. Thanks Kristen for hosting us and having a very full and fun weekend in Atlanta. And continuing our tradition of spending labor day weekend together.

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