Sno cones for everyone

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
This past Sunday was the big grand opening of the new children's wing at church and re-branding of the children's ministry to "Rivertree Kids." To celebrate we had a big party out on the lawn with food trucks and inflatables after Sunday services.

It was fun to linger for a while and fellowship with family and friends. Perry had fun watching Ben and Kate play on the big kid inflatables. He however was totally freaked out by the perry/pre-school sized one. I went in with him briefly...but he pretty much just clung on to my leg for dear life.

It was crazy hot and humid outside, but thankfully the church also recently added on a big covered porch onto the TreeHouse so we had some reprieve from the sun while we ate. I got a bacon and mac and cheese sandwhich from the I Heart Bacon food truck which was good. Only issue was the mac and cheese was spicy which made it not perry-approved.

What was perry approved? Sno cones...or "ice" as he called them. Rivertree funded the sno-cone truck and I am sure there were a great many cones distributed that day given the heat and their free price tag. Perry and I shared (ok more like he ate it and I got a couple of bites) a pink lemonade one. It was really good. Did I mention it was hot? We are excited for the years ahead with this little munchkin in Rivertree Kids!

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