Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sunday, October 26, 2014
It has been a few days since I have found time (and internet connectivity) to blog. Sometimes you get so busy doing life and making memories that you don't have time to document them. And that is ok. The cords, computers, photo editing and writing are all there waiting at the end of a busy week and weekend.

I will get back to Disney in just a bit, but I realized in the pre-disney frenzy I totally forgot to talk about the fact that we celebrated my Daddy's birthday. I stumbled upon the pictures as I was downloading a bunch of photos from my phone to the computer tonight. The night before we left on our trip we went over to Aunt Kay's for dinner and a birthday party because the "georgia cousins" were in town. It is always tons of fun when this group of people get together. I don't think I know a better Georgia fan than Daddy, so of course he had a UGA themed party.

Perry had a grand time playing with all the relatives and resident kitty cat. Laura and he went on a kitty hunt.

And eating cake.

Happy (belated) Birthday Daddy!!

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