Has it really been 10 years

Monday, October 20, 2014
Nothing like a 10 year high school reunion to make you feel old. This weekend was the Westminster class of 2004 10 year high school reunion. It does not feel like 10 years have passed since we graduated and were heading off to college. When the other senior class officers and I (I was the class secretary 7th-12th grade) started talking about having a reunion we quickly decided to hold off and do something in the fall so that we could incorporate a Westminster football game into our plans.

A lot has changed at WCA since we graduated. The school has a whole new location, football team, and marching band. They have moved from 2A to 4A in sports and class sizes have about doubled from our graduating class of 42.

We planned a weekend of activities so that as many people as possible could attend something.  Friday night was the football game. The school was so nice and accommodating to us, giving us a campus tour, free admission to the game and a blocked off area of seats. The weather was perfectly fall. It was a fun night to see some old friends and enjoy a football game. We all commented on how it hardly feels like the school we went to...because well it's not really the school we went to as far as location. And what is this thing called Westminster football?!?

Perry enjoyed the tour of the new school building and promptly climbed up in a desk to try it out. Won't be too long and he will be sitting in one of these a whole lot more!

Andrew had to work, so it was just P and me. Perry had a good time making some new friends, clapping along to the music, and eating an entire container of popcorn in the stands. We made it pretty well into the 3rd quarter and it was time to head out and get perry home just a little past his bedtime.

Saturday morning we scheduled a very informal play date at Dublin park in Madison. It would up only being three of us (with 2 kids and a puppy), but it was really nice to have some time to get to really catch up with Catherine and Katie. Catherine's little boy Brayden and Perry had a good time playing together.

Perry got so so excited when he saw this train. He ran across the playground yelling "mama, choo choo!!!"

It was funny because the whole time we were on the playground, Brayden and Perry didn't really play together and were often running in opposite directions. But once we were out having our picnic lunch they bonded over finding nearby sticks to play with. They were very proud of this "big stick." I loved the team work of them working together to drag it around.

I brought some fun halloween cookies to share with our picnic lunch. They were a hit with the boys.

Then Saturday night we had an adult function at Stem and Stein out in Madison, a restaurant owned by one of my classmates. That allowed for a lot more child-free mingle and catch up time with everyone. In total about 15 of our class was able to make it to one event or another, which is pretty good considering the size of our class and how far flung many of us are 10 years later. Thankfully though social media we are able to keep up with most everyones lives virtually in between reunions.

The food and drinks were really good. We particularly loved these gorgonzola, chicken and honey crustinis. Super yummy.

I am sure the next 10 years will pass just as surprisingly quickly and it will be time for another reunion before we know it.

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