Walt Disney World Trip, Day 5

Monday, October 20, 2014
Day five of our disney world trip goes down as the best day ever. It was the day that we got picked to help open the Magic Kingdom. I think I will split that experience out into a post all it's own. It was amazing and definitely one of those bucket list, once in a lifetime, kind of things.

There are about a thousand photos from that hour we got to be the "first family." But for now, this is the first one that the sweetest lady named Barbara demanded she take of us just inside the park with the crowd of people waiting at the ropes in the distance.

It was just Andrew, Perry and me in the Magic Kingdom that day. After all the "first family" excitement we spent the morning riding some rides, eating yet another cinnamon roll and meeting characters. We didn't go crazy with our pace...we kind of felt like the day was a success by 9:15 am if we did nothing else.

First thing on our list was to meet Merida. It was such a fun interaction. She spotted Perry from across the set and walked over, took his hand, and led him back up to the meet and greet area. She played with him and tickled him and was so sweet. She loved his red hair and said he looked a whole lot like her brothers. I just adore the photo of the two of them.

We rode Aladdin's carpets which despite Perry's frown in the photo below, he actually really liked. Andrew and I also took turns riding space mountain and hanging out with P.


After a quick service lunch of corn dog bites at Casey's Corner we headed to the Polynesian Resort to pass Perry off to Ann and Gary. They took him back to their resort (Shades of Green) to nap while Andrew and I had a few hours to ourselves. We decided to head over to Epcot to ride Test Track and Mission Space and wander the World Showcase sans stroller. 

We stopped in China for a snack. A "Lucky Combo" at the Joy of Tea counter. For less than $10 you get a chicken pocket, pork bun, egg roll, container of ice cream and a drink. You can't beat that value at Disney World. We found a patch of concrete to sit and eat and people watch.

It was a fun date afternoon in Epcot.

While we were there we stopped by the Hawaii Food and Wine kiosk for a pork slider we had heard so much about (they had been out of them the previous night). It was quite good, although we were not really hungry at all.

That evening the whole family rendezvoused at the Wilderness Lodge for dinner at the Whispering Canyon.  The Wilderness Lodge is so pretty with a stunning lobby.

None of us had eaten there before and had heard really good things about the food and fun atmosphere. It did not let us down. The food is really good and served family style...it just kept coming and coming. So many meats and some of the best mashed potatoes we have ever had.

The wait staff like to have fun with you and you have to be careful what you ask for. Matt got the biggest mason jar of water I have ever seen. And when you ask for ketchup you get bottles and bottles and bottles. Until the next table hollers for ketchup and you have to go run all the bottles to them. It was a fun dinner.

After dinner everyone else headed back to their resorts and we headed via boat over to the nearby campground, Fort Wilderness to join Chip and Dale for a campfire sing along. When we got there the chipmunks were out just playing cornhole with the kids. Perry ran straight up and gave both of them big hugs and played with them. He had no anxiety around the big furry characters at all.

Then the chipmunks left for a little while and it was time to enjoy the campfire. We got a s'mores kit and sticks from the little vendor wagon and had fun roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. While I was over at the fire toasting, a cast member came over to Andrew and Perry that had been watching Perry interact with Chip and Dale earlier and was impressed at how good he was with them being so young. And asked if we wanted to be the family to lead them out for the dance and sing along. Of course the answer was yes. We actually had a family rule before the trip that if any cast members asked us anything, the answer would always be yes...even before we knew what the question was.

We got to have some special interaction time with the characters and walk them out to the stage, give them a hug, and head back to our seats. It was fun and so special. The day ended like it started.

We stuck around for the singing and dancing. Perry had a blast learning to do the hand jive and the twist. His version of the twist though is spinning round and round until he falls over dizzy, which was precious to watch. Then it was well past time to be heading to bed.

At the end of the night we took the quiet boat ride back to our hotel from Fort Wilderness. It was the perfect Disney day.

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