Happy Birthday Kate!

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Our favorite niece turned 5 years old today. For her family birthday party she requested an Auburn football party. Convenient since her birthday always falls right around the annual Auburn vs Georgia football game. So we all gathered just before kick off to eat dinner, watch the game and celebrate her birthday.

Only in the south does a preschooler want a college football birthday party. We had yummy tailgating food for dinner.

Football cupcakes were a hit with the kids.

The game was terrible. The first minute was good as we drove down the field and scored on our first drive. And those would be the first and only points we would score the whole rest of the game. The TV stayed on mute most of the night as we watched our Tigers get beat. We still had a fun night though and lots of other things to do and talk about and celebrate.

Ben has gotten into magic and entertained us all with a magic show just before halftime. He did some pretty cool tricks. We were all thankful for a diversion from the game.

Perry had a great time playing with his cousins all night. He struggled with the idea that the presents were not for him and he kept running off to go play in Kate's room to play with her toys which resulting being banished by the birthday girl herself and some tears. Her toys just looked too fun to stay away from. I snapped this picture just as Andrew had gotten to the party from work and I asked Perry if he wanted to go see Daddy and his response was "no, I am going to sit here."

Happy Birthday Kate and War Eagle! We love you so much. Thanks for a great party!

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