Milkshake thief

Friday, November 14, 2014
Happy Friday (night)!

This week has been pretty much status quo around our house. We haven't had too many plans which has been nice. We have gotten to spend several evenings just hanging at home playing with toys, decorating for Christmas and watching movies.

Perry clearly leads a tough toddler life. lol.

Perry and I had a little mommy-son date night at Which Wich Wednesday night after I picked him up. We have reached that point where you can't eat anything really yummy in front of Perry without him immediately sniffing it out. He knows the difference between a vegetable and a cookie quite well. However we are also getting to the point where we have conversations with them that go like this...

Perry: "dessert"

Perry: "mommy help"

Me: "you can't have dessert until after dinner, eat your sandwich first"

Perry: [takes one bite out of his grilled cheese] .... "dessert"

....and repeat, over and over until a sufficient amount of grilled cheese has been eaten for the little pre-packaged kids meal Rice Krispie treat to be opened.

No tears or whining, just a conversation. I call that a win.

Meanwhile, I was happily eating my sandwich and drinking a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake. And then somehow this happened:

He stole my milkshake. Good thing he is cute, because he is not a very polite dinner date at the moment. He has also decided he is not a fan of highchairs at restaurants. And much prefers to sit in his own chair, or in your lap...with easy access to your milkshake. lol.

I say that jokingly...he is such a fun kid. And I love seeing his personality come out and be able to carry on little conversations with him.

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