Playing at the pumpkin patch

Monday, November 3, 2014
The other fun thing we did last week in advance of Halloween was finally find time to go visit the local pumpkin patch (aka Tate Farms).

There was no good time for us to go as a family so last Monday while Andrew was at work, I took off a few hours early and met Granna, Grandaddy and Perry at Tate for a few hours of harvest time fun. The weather and time of day was just perfect. And not being a weekend, it wasn't super crowded.

Perry got to meet and pet a goat and a bunny.

And play in a big bin of corn. Where else can you do that?

He liked the play bin of corn much better than the bin of cotton. He didn't really know what to think about that.

But his favorite thing hands down were the wooden play tractors you could climb in and on. We must have spent half our time there.

We spent a bunch of time on the playground swinging and going down the slides over and over.

They had a little train ride of sorts where you rode in little cars shaped like an ear of corn. Perry saw it and thought it looked fun, but the first time I tried to climb in with him and buckle us up he freaked out (about the close quarters and seat belt) and we climbed back out. Then a little while later we tried again and he did great. He loved it.

It was a lovely couple of hours. We played and played until the sun was going down and they were closing up shop for the day. Didn't wind up buying any pumpkins, since it was so close to halloween by that point and we had no real plans of carving. But the outing was more to just look at the pumpkins and play.


Oh what a difference one year makes. Here's last year and this year at Tate Farms. Our little pumpkin head is getting big!

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