Thanksgiving Eve Family Game Night

Saturday, November 29, 2014
We have been having a great holiday weekend with family and friends in town. Kristen came to visit from Atlanta for the holiday and weekend, and Grandmama and Lisa came up to celebrate Thanksgiving too.

Wednesday night we all got together for a little impromptu family game night at the Eckleys. We had yummy appetizers for dinner and played lots of games. And the children ran around playing and being crazy.

We played a round of Headbanz and Happy Family as a big group and then split off into smaller groups to play some other games. We played the Disney version of Headbanz and Perry who knows Disney quite well more than once helped people cheat by walking up and blurting out what was on the card on their forehead.

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And in this case that someone was Perry. At the end of the night he took a tumble while running through the house and hit his lip pretty bad making it bleed. It is not a fun sight to see your toddler come running to you with blood coming from their mouth. But it was nothing a little hug and a "boo boo bunny" can't fix. But it was indication that it was time to get the little guy home and in bed, because it was just one more sleep until Thanksgiving.

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