Trick or Treat

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
One last Halloween post and I will move on to other things. On actual Halloween Perry had a party at preschool. They do Halloween up big time around there and it is so fun.

I signed up to make the ghost bananas for Perry's class party. Bananas cut in half with chocolate chips strategically placed. Simple and cute and nutritious (for the most part). Ben and Kate came by to say hi to Perry and from what I hear he was having so much fun in class that he was not sad at all to go back to playing and not be heading home with his cousins. Glad Emily got a group picture so that I could have a glimpse of the festivities since I was at work all day. Based on the amount of chocolate that came home on Perry's shirt, I think he had a very fun day.

That evening we had lifegroup over for dinner and snacks and to pass out candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters. The weather was just awful, cold and drizzly, so I was happy to have planned to stay inside. We had some trick or treaters, but not tons, probably due to the less than ideal weather.

Travis and Gina brought over pizza and I made some appetizers (pumpkin cheese ball and mummy little smokies), a bright orange punch and fun halloween desserts.

So funny P story. Thursday night I was in the kitchen making the cupcakes and Perry came in to say goodnight. However when prompted to tell mommy "night night" he turned and waved and said "night night chocolate." I guess we know where his priorities are. lol.

We just hung out all night and talked and played with Perry and Bethany. It was a very chill and low key evening, but a perfect end to a busy week.

Perry got really into the whole giving out candy thing. He would distribute candy to all of us (which we didn't mind) and would run to the door when the bell rang and would help put candy in kids bags. One time he even shared the wrapped candy he had just been chewing on with one innocent trick or treater (oops). We didn't catch it before it went in the bag.

The next morning Perry asked for "more chocolate" for breakfast. Clearly he has had too much sweets. He slept until almost 10 Saturday morning...maybe he was in a sugar coma. No you cannot have a chocolate cupcake for breakfast silly boy. I stood my ground, even when he said please and made this face.

The other highlight of late last week I have forgotten to mention was taking dinner over to the Hollenbecks on Wednesday and getting to see and love on sweet baby Hadley for a little while. Perry was surprisingly ok with Hadley in his daddy's arms although he wanted to be up there with her. But he was happy as long as Jay was around to play with him. And Perry learned to say "Hadley" and say it quite well actually. I know he is probably thinking she is not too interesting right this second, but I know they will be good friends and playmates soon. Isn't she just precious?

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