When long dinners are a luxury

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Saturday night Andrew and I got to have a rare child-free night to ourselves. It was pretty impromptu after Granna and Granddaddy asked us on Thursday if Perry over for a sleepover on Saturday. Of course the answer to that was yes.

The Bridgestreet Christmas Tree is so pretty!

We decided to go out to eat to a place that you would never want to take a toddler...the Melting Pot. Multiple hours seated around very hot things is not a very child friendly experience. We tried to get last minute reservations to no avail, so we wound up eating at the bar. But they have burners and a full menu served there, and college football on the TVs, so we were happy. And very happy to not have a child with us.

We hadn't really had lunch, unless you count popcorn at Disney on Ice earlier in the day, so we had lots of room in our tummies and calories left to use on melted cheese and chocolate.

Everything was so good. They were incredibly busy and the waiter kept apologizing for taking so long with the courses. We really didn't notice though and encouraged him that we were fine visiting and in no hurry. We wanted a long dinner. We brought along some "date night" games and activities that Rivertree had posted as a challenge for married couples. We didn't do the entire challenge (we didn't have any play dough at our disposal) but we had fun with the mad libs and would you rather questions. I learned that Andrew would rather be a pirate than a ninja and his new pet name is the big zucchini. See...there are still things to learn after 6 years.

The date night challenge included instructions to let your waiter choose your food for you. We decided to do a variety of this just with the dessert course. All of the Melting Pot's chocolate options are amazing, but we tend to always go with one or two old faithfuls. So we decided to let our waiter choose and surprise us with the chocolate concoction of his choice. It was so fun...we loved the suspense of what it would be. He had fun with it too and actually went off the menu and brought us a white chocolate creme brûlée fondue. It was amazing. And an added bonus was that it meant he got to set it on fire!

Three hours later we were finally ready to leave the restaurant, totally stuffed. We walked around Bridgestreet for a while checking out the new stores and walking off a couple of the calories we had just consumed. We bought each other a couple of christmas gifts...because that is how we roll.

Then we went over to Toys R Us and had a great time buying presents for the salvation army angel child we adopted. We picked a two year old little boy. We love adopting an angel the same age as Perry, because we can pick out things we know Perry would love and hope that he will love them too.

It was a such a fun date night out on the town. So so thankful for grandparents nearby that invite our sweet boy over for special sleepovers. Thanks Granna and Granddaddy!

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