You know it has been a crazy week

Sunday, November 9, 2014
...when you fall asleep at 7 pm on Friday night, have only blogged once the whole week, and can count the number of pictures you have taken on one hand. This last week was one of those weeks.

My week was spent writing patient letters, researching genetic variants and preparing to co-host an evening presentation with my boss to about a hundred people about the life and work of Dr. Mary Claire King (genetic researcher who discovered the BRCA1 gene...who is coming to visit HudsonAlpha in a couple of weeks). And before I knew it it was Friday, we had survived the week and were exhausted. We all were and fell asleep way before our bedtimes Friday. We were doing good just to make it somewhat awake until it was time to put Perry in bed.

Here are just a couple things that did happen around here this week:

1. Our Christmas trees got put up and decorated sometime between all the crazy. Maybe I did it in my sleep at 2 am. Excuse the christmas jammies...perry was still in them from his photo shoot with Santa.

2. Caffeine was a necessary part of the week...and starbucks made that necessity a little extra happy by having their christmas cups out already.

3. We were in hallmark one evening and found this christmas book, written by a friend we got to know on our disney cruise last fall. Of course we had to get a copy and Perry is loving reading all about Rudolph.

4. Perry loves to take selfies. And make silly faces into the camera. I love seeing his little sense of humor come out more and more.

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