You win some, you lose some

Thursday, November 13, 2014
The last couple of months our weekends have been jam packed and over-scheduled down to the minute. Fall is just full of fun things to experience. Last weekend we had a rare weekend with nothing on the agenda. I left work on Friday afternoon with no plans for the entire weekend. Saturday morning we all slept in and woke up to a discussion of "so what do we want to do today?"

The answer we came up with was brunch at Blue Plate Cafe followed by some Christmas shopping at the Under the Christmas Tree market. Brunch was yummy as always and we let Perry experience chocolate milk for the first time. He was a fan to say the least. He talked about chocolate milk the rest of the day. We ordered him a pancake, which came out as a (not so hidden) Mickey pancake, which was a fun disney surprise.

After breakfast and shopping we headed home for naptime for P and to watch the Auburn game. Travis came over and watched with us since Gina was busy staffing her booth at the market. I am glad we had a friend to talk to, and cheese dip to eat, because the game did not go well...unless you were a Texas A&M fan. We were down by 14 a minute and a half into the game. And almost won the game twice in the last minute or two...only to fumble twice and lose. It was rough to watch. But we still love Auburn and our tigers. War Eagle.

We also planned an impromptu nerdy game night with the Eckleys for Saturday night. This wound up a very good plan since none of us were in the mood to sit around and watch football the rest of the day. We played our own games with slightly less at stake than the college football playoffs. Well I guess if you consider we were trying to rid the world of widespread disease in the game Pandemic, we did have some serious stuff at stake. And if you are wondering...we did not win that either. Sorry world.

Sunday brought another pretty low-key day. We didn't set alarms thinking Perry would wake us up long before we needed to be at church...and we all woke up at 9 and scrambled to get out the door and at church by 9:30. It was really nice to all sleep in though.

Looking back at the weekend, it wound up pretty full of fun...but it was really nice to have the time to be able say yes to impomptu plans and make impromptu plans of our own.

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