2nd Birthday Sneak Peek

Sunday, December 21, 2014
Things are a little crazy right now in our house and in my head. It is that time of year when my mind is constantly bouncing back and forth between "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday." There are several family birthdays within a week or two of Christmas, and one of those is a little person whose birthday bash I get to plan. I guess we signed up for that when we signed up for having a child around Christmastime.

This year is a little extra crazy with an added little trip to disney between Christmas and New Years and work is kind of on overdrive at the moment. There are lots of balls to be juggling and my brain is constantly asking itself "do i have everything handled for Christmas? Disney? Perry's Birthday?" But I love it all.

Months ago now we picked a theme for Perry's birthday, before he was really into anything specific. We decided to do trains, and to have it on an actual train, and it must have been divine intervention. Because our boy loves choo choo trains so much. I have had so much fun putting together all the details. I can't wait for his party and getting to celebrate our growing boy with all our family and friends.

Here's a little sneak peek of some of those details for Perry's "Chugga Chugga Two Two" birthday coming up.

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