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Monday, December 22, 2014
In addition to all the big events and plans we have had lately. There have been lots of sweet little moments as well. I went back through my phone tonight and pulled some of the little random pictures that hadn't been posted.

Perry would watch Elsa and Anna every day if we let him. He asks every chance he can get. Sometimes we say yes, often we say no (there is just only so much of that you can handle). This night mommy said yes. And he sat there and watched with the biggest smile on his face.

Perry has been playing with his manger scenes a lot. I love watching him interact with the characters and call them by name. The way he says "baby jesus" is so sweet.

So hats have gotten better, or cooler, in Perry's mind. He has decided he loves to wear Granddaddys hat and gloves. And today he found his train conductor hat and wore it all the way to church. haha.

I have plans to turn some free pallets I got from work into signage for Perry's birthday party in a couple weeks. One of them needed some work (some extra boards) and our handyman Travis graciously agreed to help make it better. Perry got super into watching and "helping" him work. We will see how they look once I get around to painting them.

Perry still likes to sleep. And wakes up with some seriously awesome bedhead.

I loved this moment of daddy and Perry reading about the story of the wisemen from the storybook bible.

This last Friday night we had a free evening so we decided to go out and drive around to look at Christmas lights. We all got dressed up in our favorite Christmas jammies and made a quick stop by Starbucks for a beverage. Yes we are inside Starbucks in our PJs, and it was awesome. I got a yummy latte and Perry got his favorite...chocolate milk. Perry can now see outside of the car pretty well and loved looking at lights. And it gave us some opportunity to just drive around and talk and laugh at crazy decorations. I think this will be a new family Christmas tradition.

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