Christmas Preschool Style

Friday, December 26, 2014
Somehow we turned around and it's the day after Christmas. And Perry, Adrienne and I leave for Disney World tomorrow. Its been crazy. But in the best way. We have had so much fun the last few days just living life and celebrating our Jesus.

So over the next several days I will try to play catch up in sharing all of our Christmas fun.

Last Friday was Perry's Christmas party with his class at preschool. I took the day off and Andrew was already scheduled off so we both got to go watch the party happen. It was so fun to see Perry in his school element playing and eating with his friends.

The teachers had bought all the kids these cute headband reindeer antlers. They stayed on for the most part which was a miracle, or an example of peer pressure at work.

Look at P cheesing for the camera in the picture above. He clearly never has his picture taken. lol. His class and the class next door combined for the party so there were 12 little ones all around the table. They passed out the food courses in order from healthiest (chicken nuggets) to unhealthiest (cupcakes and cookies). Brilliant.

Before cupcake:

After cupcake:

Perry loves chocolate and cupcakes. And he was totally covered in it by the end. Nothing a little wipe won't fix though. Thanks Ms. Alex.

It was a super fun party/snack time. Afterwards the kids were all headed to the gym to run off some of that sugar energy and for us parents to make an exit that was less noticeable to the little ones.

But before we left we snapped a picture of P and his teacher, Ms. Patty. She is so wonderful and he loves her so much. He has been learning all sorts of things these past few months of school. He is talking up a storm, counting, naming colors and letters. He knows how to say grace before a meal and clean up his toys. So much of that is taught and reinforced by this sweet lady.

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