Got to get the cat in the picture

Sunday, December 28, 2014
For lunch on Christmas Eve we got together with Roger, Krista and Caroline to eat and open presents. Dad made a great pot of chili for lunch. Perry was so excited when it was present time. He went straight for the one with the Jake legos in it, like he knew it was going to be awesome. He opened up a corner and shrieked "Jake Legos!!!!" He could hardly contain himself. He immediately wanted to open it, but we held off and redirected him to the other presents he still needed to open. He was pretty content just staring at the box the rest of the time.

He does a pretty good job ripping through paper and bows. P also got a really cool little people disney world set and a toy tool box.

My birthday was celebrated too so we got to have birthday cake for dessert. Caroline made it and it was really good. I had a little red-headed help blowing out my candles, of which there were thankfully not 29.

Before we knew it it was naptime and we had to head home to get P in bed. We had a full evening ahead of church and family gathering. We had Andrew snap a family photo before we left and of course had to get Ike the cat in the portrait. And at that point we totally lost P from looking at the camera with a kitty cat a foot away from him. He and Ike are buddies, but mutually a little unsure of each other's next move.

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