Southeastern Roadtrip, Day 2

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Day two of our trip we woke up a little late and spend a couple hours exploring the Omni Hotel. We grabbed some starbucks breakfast and checked out the amazing gingerbread houses on display. The winner was an adult who made a chess board out of gingerbread. So the term "house" is used rather liberally in this competition.

Some of the youth ones were amazing too. I can't believe that a kid created these:

Before we left the Omni we went to the lobby and took some photos in front of the huge Christmas tree. We tried forever to get P to stand still in front of the tree and look at the camera (we weren't even being picky about the smile) and finally gave up. Then he laid down under the tree and was totally cheesing it up. As long as it is on his terms he is a happy little model.

Late morning we left Asheville and headed east to Greensboro, to the stomping grounds of our first years of marriage. We stopped for a quick lunch at Yum-Yum on the edge of campus and went for a visit to the UNCG Genetic Counseling house.

It was so nice to see Nancy and Sally and catch up on life. They got to meet Perry and he had fun running around the house while we visited.

By the time we left UNCG it was 4 pm and there had been no nap for P. His naps were pretty thrown off most of the trip. So we went and checked into our hotel for the evening and let P have a little cat nap before dinner.

We stayed at the O'Henry Hotel which is a fabulous place. We never had reason to stay there when we lived in Greensboro because well we had an apartment. So it was fun to stay there on our visit back.

We met some old church friends for dinner at Mimi's Cafe. One of our favorite places to eat in Greensboro. It was great to catch up with Mackie and Ryan and meet their little boy Tanner who is just 6 months younger than P.

We wrapped the evening up with some coffee and a drive around the city we used to call home. We went and found our old apartment and church and drove around and looked at christmas lights a little bit before heading back to the hotel for some rest.

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