Grownup Christmas Fun

Saturday, December 20, 2014
In addition to all the family fun of Christmas. Andrew and I have been enjoying some grown-up fun of our own thanks to grandparents who are more than willing to have some babysitting time with Perry.

We started a tradition last year of attending the Burritt Museum Christmas fundraiser called Holiday Magic. We had so much fun last year we decided to do it again. This year we ate dinner in the Balch house with a couple of lovely older couples who were a hoot to talk with. I think the most fun part of the evening is getting to meet new people over dinner. We were definitely the youngest people at the event and the organizer even called me the week before hand to make sure we were ok with dining with older couples "even older than me" she said. She was concerned because I sound "young" on the phone. I said that was more than fine. And it was. They were delightful and had great stories to share. My personal favorite was the story about how one of their cats has a godfather.

The house and table were decorated so pretty. Excuse the terrible photography lighting. Phone cameras and dark places don't go well together.

Father Christmas came by to pass out presents and carolers came by to sing us some songs.

We haven't changed much in a year, and apparently we like to wear brown and purple.

A couple days later we got to get dressed up again for the HudsonAlpha holiday party. There was tons of good food and drinks and the photobooth which has become a staple at the event. There were lots of other activities but mostly we just ate and talked to people. It was a fun night. 

Haha. Photobooths just never get old.

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