Lifegroup Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Tuesday night we hosted our lifegroup christmas party. We put together a dinner, pot luck style. We had awesome bbq pork sandwiches, chips and dip, slaw, beans and grape salad. For dessert we had cookies and cupcakes and a white chocolate cheeseball.

I think all Perry had to eat was a bunch of baked beans (he loves them) and Doritos chips. His face was totally orange by the end of dinner. He also got sneaked candy from the hot chocolate bar any chance he could get.

The hot chocolate bar had options of dark or milk chocolate and lots of toppings. 

We decided to exchange small gifts or ornaments this year with each couple. They were all so pretty and are now happily on our tree. Perry got a soft moose ornament which he was just adamant was a goat. lol.

I got some snuggle time with Bethany while P was happily playing with his toys. He didn't notice for a while but when he did he got a tinge of jealousy. He came over with his toys and got in my lap too. I had a lap full of sweet babies.

We had a fun time goofing off together with some photo booth props.

The last bit of fun was a friendly boys vs girls wrapping paper design competition. Each team had 10 minutes, lots of wrapping paper, scissors and tape to create a garment. The girls totally won with our Christmas bridal gown. Isn't she lovely? P helped out a little bit.

Unbeknownst to us, Travis was being dressed up in the other room. They were quite the pair when we had the big reveal.

It was a fantastic night. We have all been so busy lately it was the first time all 4 couples and kids were together in quite a while. So it was also incredibly nice to just have the time and space to chat and catch up. We love our sweet lifegroup friends so much!

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