Southeastern Roadtrip, Day 3

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Day three of the trip we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel and then went downtown to the Greensboro Childrens Museum. We just love this place. When the Eckleys came to visit the first fall we lived there we took them so that the then 1 year old Ben could explore and play. We couldn't wait to take Perry there too.

Doesn't Perry look thrilled. If only he knew what we were standing in front of taking a selfie.

Just inside the door there is a huge red arm chair. P and I jumped in for a photo in the exact same location a picture of Andrew and baby Ben was taken 5 years ago. Clearly phone photography has come a long way in 5 years too.

There is lots of room to run and play at the children's museum. It is well set up for pretend play with a miniature supermarket, doctors office, post office, construction site, weather station, etc. Then they had full sized emergency vehicles and a race car for you to explore in and on. I had fun going back and pulling pictures from that original visit years ago and putting pictures of Ben and Perry side by side. Cool to think they are experiencing the same things.

Then we came to hands down Perry's favorite part...the choo choo train. There was a miniature train he could go into and play on and a train table that he spent probably an hour playing with.

Once we were all played out we got in the car and headed east towards Raleigh/Durham. We made a quick stop off at the outlets in Mebane (hello Vineyard Vines outlet) and then met up with Brooke for coffee. Perry enjoyed some fruit snacks while we drank our caribou coffees and visited. It was great to see Brooke. The primary reason behind this trip was to get to see friends that we don't get to see often anymore.

After coffee we went over to Cary and met up with Holly and Courtney and her son Cooper for dinner. I failed at taking any pictures of that step due to a squirmy boy in a loud restaurant.

But after dinner we went back to Courtney's house to spend the night. We let the two boys play for a while. They had a great time together. Cooper is 3 and Perry would copy everything he did. It was so cute to watch. Cooper did a great job of sharing his toys with Perry.

The funniest thing was that Cooper had this hat and little toy guitar. Cooper picked it up and played with it once and so Perry had to as well. But Perry got totally obsessed with it. He spent most of the rest of the time looking like this. This the kid who hates hats. Apparently peer pressure is stronger than that. But every time he picked the guitar up he had to go find the hat to wear too. We laughed and laughed. He is ready to be in a band.

Eventually it was time to get those crazy boys in jammies and into bed. 

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