Southeastern Roadtrip, Day 4

Monday, December 15, 2014
Day four we got up and knew exactly what we wanted for breakfast. Biscuitville. We loved that place when we lived up there. It was a weekend ritual to go and have "homemade biscuits".

This was in route to our next stop on our roadtrip, Ashboro NC, to visit the North Carolina Zoo. North Carolina has an amazing zoo. It is huge. Given the fact that it was December, the zoo was a ghost town in regard to patrons. It was just us and the animals. Exhibit A (hope you like animal pictures):

Last time we were at the NC Zoo they had this really old polar bear. Bless its heart it was old and frail. It didn't move much. We didn't ask the fate of that old bear...we have a pretty good guess though. In it's place there is a much younger and more spry polar bear. She was a riot to watch. She played and splashed around in the water with her toys. We stood there (all by ourselves mind you) and watched her for a long time. A still picture just doesn't do it justice.

The other funny story from the day was our interaction with the bobcat. Perry thought it was just a big "kitty cat" and it actually acted like one as it pawed at the window and chased after the zoo map P was waving around.

Around lunch time we headed out from the zoo, grabbed a quick bite to eat and crossed the North/South Carolina boundary. We drove south to Greenville to visit with Dedra and Mike for the night. We miss Dedra so much and it was so great to see them and their new house. It was beautiful all decorated for Christmas with an enormous live tree in the living room. Perry had a great time playing fetch with Jack the dog. He had lots of dog interactions on the trip, and got better with each one.

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