Southeastern Roadtrip, Day 6 and 7

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Time to wrap up the roadtrip posts so I can move on to all the holiday fun we have been having. We woke up on day 6 (Saturday) and spent an hour or so just hanging out on the couch watching College Gameday with Whitney and Brett and Rory. Then we went downtown and ate brunch together at a little diner before we headed out of town. I had peanut butter french toast. And it was a happy place.

Meanwhile Perry ate a great breakfast of pancake, bacon and egg. And shared some pancake with Rory. They had a Santa Claus at the diner giving out handshakes, hugs and candy canes to passing children. Perry and Rory were no bigger fans of this Santa than the one the night before. I mean, they were totally the same Santa what am I thinking, he just lost a whole lot of weight overnight. :)

It was sad to say goodbye to friends we will not see again in person for a while. But we had to do it and bid farewell to the state of South Carolina. We drove the three hours down to Kristen in Atlanta for our last stop on our tour. Perry slept pretty much the whole way. He was tuckered out.

We originally planned to go to the botanical garden to see the christmas lights but it rained that morning so we switched gears to a less muddy plan and went to visit the College Football Hall of Fame. Our tickets were for 4 pm, right when the SEC football championship was kicking off in the nearby Georgia Dome. So we had the whole place to ourselves. Alabama was playing Missouri and we really couldn't have cared less to sit and watch the game intently. They did have the game on in the museum so we could keep some peripheral track of the score.

The museum was really neat. When you walk in there is an entire wall of football helmets from all the schools in the US with a football program.

They have a big room with a half football field of turf which was a perfect deserted playground for P. They were showing the game up on the jumbotron and there were a bunch of employees just standing around who were awesome playing with P and helping him with his football skills. He (and we) practiced our field goal kicking abilities. Let's suffice it to say that I didn't do all that much better than the one year old. Andrew and Kristen did much better than me. Perry loved the space and full on meltdown ensued when we wanted to leave and explore the rest of the museum.

There were lots of cool exhibits and interactive things to do throughout. Here we played around with virtual face painting.

Perry realized he has some growing to do before he is ready to be an Auburn football player.

And Perry practiced calling the game from the press box.

All that football playing and learning made us all hungry so we hoped the Metro back to Kristen's neighborhood escaping downtown before the game let out. We stopped for some yummy pizza and headed back to Kristen's apartment to chill out and watch some more football on TV and put P to bed.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to this fabulous local doughnut and coffee shop Kristen had told us about. They had some really unique flavors. We decided to get several different ones and share them all.

Perry was a fan and a mess by the time we were done.

After a lengthy breakfast outing we were ready to hit the road for home. We had been gone for a very long time and were eager to get home and get set for the week ahead. And I had a work Christmas party to get home for that evening.

Before we left Kristen gave Perry his birthday present a little early since we won't see her again before then. Perry opened it right up. Actually he shook the box first and proclaimed "it's legos." He is too smart for his own good. He was right. He got a great lego train set that he admired the box of the entire way home from Atlanta. No joke he fell asleep holding the box. He couldn't wait to get home and play with it.

And that's it. That is a recap of our week away touring the southeast. We had an amazing time and survived a roadtrip with an almost 2 year old. He is such a good traveler. It is good to be home. And just in time for the holidays.

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