Thanksgiving 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
After the early morning run on Thanksgiving Day, we had a little time to rest before heading over to Ann and Gary's for family dinner. Our Thanksgiving routine always includes watching the Macy's parade and the national dog show on TV. Perry had fun watching the parade and naming all the different characters on the floats and balloons. When the marching bands would come across the screen, he would march around the living room alongside them.

We knew Perry would nap until late afternoon so we went over early and let him nap at Granna and Granddaddy's house. This gave us some time to peruse sale ads in the newspaper and play some games while he slept. Let me just say that I am not a trivia person. We played a round of Clever Endeavor and my poor little pawn never moved (until Gary got a bonus card to move another person's pawn and he took pity on me). I will also blame my lack of trivia skills on the fact that the game was copyrighted when I was in preschool. But really I am just really bad at knowing random trivia.

Perry woke up and the Eckleys came over and we all sat down for dinner. Ann sets the prettiest tables. We each had a little wooden ornament / place card with our name stamped on it. The wood is from their weeping willow that met an early demise thanks to a storm earlier this year. The kids got their own table with craft paper and crayons for dinner-time coloring fun.

We had all manner of food including the traditional turkey and dressing as well as ham, cranberry-apple crisp, asparagus, and squash casserole. For dessert we had pumpkin pie and chocolate turkey cupcakes. The cupcakes were Kristen and my little baking project. The pumpkin pie? It was from publix.

After dinner we sat around and talked, plotted our shopping adventures, and got the kiddos bathed and in their matching christmas jammies. Each year Ann buys the kids a set of coordinating christmas jammies. It has become a tradition for them to get them on Thanksgiving and put them on for a photo op in front of the Christmas tree.

This year it turned into lots of laughs and silliness and precious precious pictures.

The evening ended with a dance party in the living room.

After family dinner we headed home, put P in bed and Kristen and I headed out to do a little black Friday (on Thursday) shopping. The stores open earlier and earlier every year. This year many places opened at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day which is just a little crazy. It did thin out the crowds though. Really it wasn't all that crazy out and about when we were between 9-11:30 pm. We went out to BridgeStreet first to hit up Belk and to see what else happened to be open out there. Only about 1/3 of the stores were open but we found Gap...and everything inside was 50% we spent some time and money there. We had to take a late night selfie with the giant light up reindeer.

Then we went to Target to meander around and get some starbucks. After that it was nearing midnight and we couldn't think of anywhere else we really needed or wanted to go so we headed home to get some rest.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving day and we are thankful for so many things this year. I can't think of a better way to spend a holiday than surrounded by family and friends.

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