Trains, trucks and football games

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Time to finish up recapping the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

After a really busy Thanksgiving day and night, Kristen and I did a whole lot of nothing on actual Black Friday. Andrew had to work Friday through the weekend so it was just us girls and Perry. We slept in and then went and did a little bit of shopping, ate a late lunch out and came home to rest, watch christmas movies and construct a gingerbread train.

Perry was a good encourager and candy decoration taste tester for the gingerbread train building process.

Perry, like most little boys, is super into "things that go" these days. He loves choo choo trains, trucks, firetrucks, name it.

On Saturday morning we went to go visit grandma so Perry could get an early Christmas present, a toy Hess Tractor Trailer complete with lights and sounds and movement. He loved it. And immediately figured out how to make it beep and flash and go...much faster than I was able to figure it out. We kept saying "how did he make it do that?!?" It is a very cool toy.

The other big event Saturday was the iron bowl. Auburn football has had a rough second half of the season and we did not have high aspirations of how the game was going to go considering we apparently had no defense to speak of and Alabama was coming in as number 1 in the land. We were really hoping to just not be shut out. Given that, we knew the only way it would be an enjoyable game watching experience was to surround ourselves with like-minded friends and food. We had the Garretts and the Towrys over to watch with us and put out a big spread of meats and cheese and desserts.

Kickoff was not until 6:45 so Perry went to bed at halftime. He stayed up a little later than usual since he napped until 7 pm. Have I mentioned the kid likes to sleep?? He didn't really watch the game, but he played legos in the middle of the floor and whenever Auburn did something good (which was pretty often that first half) and we all yelled he would get excited and yell and jump around too. Then he would run around giving us all high-fives. It was so cute. He is a good little Auburn fan. And not brainwashed one bit. lol. 

A photo from him on the iron bowl Saturday last year popped up on my timehop app this week and I couldn't believe how little he looked compared to this year. Check it out.

The game went better than expected. It went really well for about 2.5 quarters and then we fell apart. We lost, but respectably. It was a fun night of fellowship regardless.

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