Animal Kingdom at Christmastime

Friday, January 9, 2015
This will officially start the recap and pictures from our little Disney world excursion over the holidays. And it's about the time we spent in Animal Kingdom. This is the park we spent the least amount of time in, but we still got to see and do a lot.

The morning we spent at Animal Kingdom was also the only time that week it really rained. But we didn't let that keep us from having fun, thanks to some umbrellas and strategic use of covered queue lines. We made it out mostly dry, except for very soggy feet and shoes.

We stayed most of the trip at Animal Kingdom Lodge so we were just a short bus ride away from the park. Rope drop was scheduled for 8 am. We got there about 7:30 or so and they opened the park just a few minutes early.

We had time to stop for a couple of pictures outside the park in front of the massive animal themed Christmas tree. All four parks had amazing trees decorated with their respective themes.

First on our agenda that morning was the kilimanjaro safari. We got to see lots of animals, which perry had so much fun pointing out. This is when the rain really started. Thankfully the animals didn't seem to mind. :) Afterwards we walked through the jungle trek to see some more animals.

Then we grabbed a little breakfast to share in the form of a mickey mouse cinnamon roll.

We had a little spare time so we walked a little bit and let a photopass photographer take some pictures of us in front of the tree of life. This particular photographer (wish I had gotten her name) was awesome. And the pictures are some of my favorites of the trip.

Next up was going to see the Lion King stage show which is amazing. We didn't have any fastpasses this morning. We were saving them for the park we were going to later that evening. So we got there early and stood in line to get a seat.

When we left Lion King it was raining, pretty hard. So we decided we were mostly done for the day but stopped to see a couple of characters (with covered queue lines) before getting some lunch. It also gave us an opportunity to meander through Asia and Dinoland and look around the park a little bit more. We got to see King Louie and Baloo and Pluto and Santa Goofy. We loved seeing the characters dressed up in their holiday attire.

Have you ever wondered what characters do when it rains? They have massive umbrellas to keep them dry as they walk through the parks. So cute!

For lunch we ducked into Restaurantasaurus. The food was just ok, but it was nice to sit and eat and chill out for a little while in a warm and dry building. When we went to leave Donald Duck was greeting people randomly on the porch of the restaurant. So we jumped in the almost non-existent line and got to meet him.

Donald taught Perry to do the "number 1" sign.

After lunch we were ready to go back to the hotel and get dry and rested up for a fun evening et Epcot.

If it had been better weather it would have been fun to do a little more meandering and exploring all the nooks and crannies of the park that is just so beautiful. But we hit the highlights and still got to experience the fun holiday characters and decor.

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