Christmas Morning

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Perry woke up Christmas morning about 7:15. He probably would have gone back to sleep, but we were so excited to let him see his train table that we happily went and got him. I posted the video of us bringing him down the stairs on social media. But since video doesn't work so well here, here is the recap: he was whining and tired as we walked downstairs but paused as soon as he caught a glimpse of the table and said "choo choo train!" As we walked closer he started wiggling to get out of my arms saying "mine, mine" wanting to go check it out. He walked over and immediately picked up one of the Thomas the Train engines and said "this is Thomas," put it on the track and said "choo choo!" And just like that he was off to the races playing with it. It was precious. About two minutes of play later we asked him to say thank you. And plain as day he responded "thank you mommy and daddy." Sweetness. We were going to let Santa get the credit, but we aren't going to argue with that.

The train table was Perry's big present, but he got a couple other little things like ornaments and a book. We knew he would get lots of presents from other people so we really tried to keep the present buying under control.

Andrew and I exchanged presents too. Andrew's big present was a Yeti cooler and I got a nice new purse, a fitbit, jewelry and a "fancy" coffee mug.

Then about 10, the Moreland family came over for Christmas brunch. It is such a nice tradition to get together with them mid-day on Christmas. We ate yummy breakfast foods, opened presents, took pictures and hung out for a while. They also brought me my favorite sweet, a Great American Cookie Cake, to share for my birthday. Yum! You can tell from the picture below of P covered in chocolate he was a big fan too.

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