Hollywood Studios at Christmastime

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to be at Hollywood Studios. Exhibit A, The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights:

We decided to spend our New Years Eve at Hollywood Studios. Honestly mostly because we figured that of all the parks (except Animal Kingdom that isn't open at night) the studios would be the least crowded. We didn't make it there at rope drop because we needed to switch hotels that morning, from Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Dolphin. We made it in the park about 9:30 or so, in time to grab a little coffee and breakfast (hello carrot cake cookie) at Writer's Stop before our first fastpass.

They are currently in the process or removing this big sorcerer hat from the studios in preparation for the big upcoming renovations. It was fun to get one last picture with the icon.

Our first fastpass was Toy Story Mania, which is always super fun. Adrienne declared it her favorite ride I think, even though I came out on top in points. Clearly we are not super competitive people.

After toy story it was time to head over to the Frozen Sing Along. I took this super cute picture of P playing in the queue line. The weather was still a little cold and dreary...quite a contrast from the hot and sunny first few days of the trip. We pretty much got the whole weather gamut.

The sing along was fun. And it was neat to see how different the improv was of the actors compared to the show we saw in the fall. Perry was in heaven watching the stage show and listening to the music. We also got quite a kick out of the little girls in the front row who stood and sang and danced to the songs (with the appropriate hand motions just like on the movie). Clearly it was not their first viewing. lol.

We also saw the Little Mermaid show for our third fastpass. Honestly because there was nothing else in tier 2 we were super stoked to do. I haven't seen it in ages, and I now know why. It was not our favorite thing. But it was starting to rain, so it was a nice reprieve from that. From there there wasn't much else we really were set on doing since we were not interested in the thrill rides. So we went and let Perry meet his buddy Jake. 

And we all met a wandering Green Army Man. Perry tried to salute. It was so precious. Random tidbit...apparently Tim Allen was in the studios the same day. A picture of him and buzz and woody went viral on the internet. We kept looking for him...but never caught a glimpse. Cool to be in the same place though. 

It was nearing naptime by this point and we wanted out of the elements so we ducked into the sound studio where they were showing disney christmas cartoons on repeat in a theatre. It was a nice place to sit and relax and get out of the crowds. We kind of thought P might fall asleep, but he didn't. Instead he watched the movies and then passed out in our arms while waiting on our dinner table at the Sci-Fi Drive-In restaurant. The workers there were great and let us bring the stroller in so he could just nap through dinner. We got him a snack later on at a quick service place once he woke up. Boy needed some sleep.

After dinner we went and did the Great Movie Ride. We got to see and ride along with Ande, my high school BFF's little sister who was just finishing up her Disney College Program career. It was so fun to see her...and know a cast member!

Then it was time to go see the Osborne Lights get turned on. It was incredible to be standing there when the streets lit up in millions of christmas lights. It made my little Christmas loving heart so happy.

They were passing out free noise makers and NYE hats. 

The lights made for some great photo ops. We wound up sitting on a curb for a while just watching the lights dance to Christmas music. 

We left about 9-10 and headed back to our hotel via boat. We originally pondered staying till midnight, but decided we were tired and had seen everything we really wanted to at the park and were ready to be in pjs. More on that later...but it was a very good move. 

The studios had their own gigantic tree outside looking all glamorous with a subtle movie theme. I love the contrast in the picture below of the palm trees framing the big evergreen. 

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