Magic Kingdom at Christmastime

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
We spent the most time hanging out at the Magic Kingdom. We spent the first evening and most of the next two days exploring the place.

The first night we had fastpasses for Peter Pan, the Jingle Cruise (the Jungle cruise with a holiday overlay...and holiday jokes), and Pirates of the Caribbean. Thankfully the fastpasses didn't start until 4 because with a flight delay and a traffic jam due to a collision of disney buses we didn't make it to the park until late in the afternoon.

We walked into the park right as they were doing a little stage show by the castle so we stopped and watched a couple minutes.

Then it was off to Peter Pan for our first ride. After that we decided to grab a bite to eat at Pinocchio Village Haus. We scored a great table overlooking the Small World ride. Perry had an amazing time waving and bowing kisses to the people on the passing boats. And he got lots of waves and kisses in return.

(wardrobe change not because of disaster...just hot and sweaty) :)

The castle get's lit by Elsa et al each evening. The castle is just spectacular dressed up in it's Christmas lights...I mean ice. Perry slept right through this experience in his stroller. Shhh...don't tell him he missed Elsa.

Later that evening, we had a reserved table at the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party. It was totally worth it, especially since it was such a crowded time of the year. We had a table with our name on it with a perfect view of the fireworks over the castle, and all you can eat desserts. It was so nice to not be fighting for a place on the curb to watch. The desserts were actually really good...and with that many options you are bound to find more than a couple things you really like. Calories don't count at Disney right?

I am no fireworks photographer. But you can see from below that we had a great view.

The next morning we got to do a lot of fantasyland stuff first thing. Due to the crazy crowds, the parks had really extended hours. Like the Magic Kingdom opened for extra magic hour at 7 am...which was 6 am to our bodies. It made for very early mornings to be there at rope drop...but you just have to do it. And nap later.

We rode Dumbo, Under the Sea, met Arial, and met Daisy, Minni, Donald and Goofy all in the first hour. 

Then we wandered over to Gaston's for a gigantic cinnamon roll for breakfast.

After some sustainence it was time to tackle the Mine Train. This was the only ride we wound up taking turns riding using the rider swap process. I went first and then it was Adrienne's turn, while we traded off occupying P. We had fastpasses so it all went smoothly and quickly. Adrienne is not a thrill ride, coaster person...but she conquered her fear and the ride. And liked it. Hi-Ho!

Perry was exceptionally tired this morning and was not feeling too into the whole character meet thing (see fab 5 photos above). He was feeling more into being carried around on mommy's shoulder. But you know who he perked up for and loved meeting? Stitch. Go figure he would go see the alien.

Perry made friends with a bubble blowing cast member. Who impromptu taught him to stomp on bubbles to pop them. It is a precious memory to think back about Perry and the cast member dancing around the pavement stomping on bubbles. Cast members really make all the difference in what makes Disney so happy and amazing. And it's the little memories you remember so well...not the big thrill rides.

Perry didn't want to see the "bubble man" go...and chased him down the sidewalk.

Our last activity in the park on day 2 was Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. It was a early day out of the park since we had brunch reservations at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. But we packed a lot into those 3+ hours we were there.

Our third and final time in the Magic Kingdom was filled with characters. Evil stepsisters, talking Mickey, Snow White, Anna and Elsa. Talking Mickey was really fun. He intuitively knew that P loved trains (at least that is what I am saying) and led him around the room saying "chugga chugga choo choo." It was so cute to watch. Perry was shy with him...that's how he got whenever he really liked the character he was meeting. He would lower his chin and get quiet. Sweet boy.

It was also my birthday. I can't think of a better place and way to celebrate a birthday, than to be at the happiest place on earth with some of my favorite people.

We needed a mid-morning snack, so we headed over to Sleepy Hollow for a nutella and fruit waffle sandwich to share. Who needs birthday cake?

We had a very Beauty and the Beast themed couple of ours mid-day with the Enchanted Tales with Belle show and lunch at Be Our Guest.

Our other fastpass for this day was for Mickey's Philharmagic 4D show. It was a nice activity for early afternoon when it was hot and crowded outside. To go sit in a cool dark theatre for a few minutes. Perry hasn't quite gotten the hang of 3D glasses yet. He wouldn't put them on once we were in the show.

We got to catch the 3 pm holiday parade. Complete with Santa Claus who apparently was late heading back to the North Pole this year...considering it was December 29th.

The last thing on our agenda that day, and the reason we were still in the parks during naptime was our coveted Anna and Elsa fastpasses. Totally worth it. Perry loved meeting the girls. He had full conversations with each of them...with Anna about Sven the reindeer and how he helped Santa pull the sleigh this year...and with Elsa about snow and going to see if Olaf knew if it was going to snow soon.  It was impossible to get P to stop chatting and smile for a picture. lol.

 (someone got a kiss on the cheek from Anna...and has proof)

 Magic Kingdom was all dressed up for Christmas too...complete with enormous tree. And with that our time at the Magic Kingdom came to a close. We got to do everything we wanted to do, with no lines...which was a feat that time of year. Disney + Christmas is a good combination. Just one more park to go...and some fun resort time details.

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