Monday Fun Day

Saturday, January 24, 2015
Monday was the MLK holiday which meant Mayfair and HudsonAlpha were closed. Unfortunately, people still need their medicine on holidays so Andrew had to work.

It was a spectacularly beautiful day and I haven't had a day off in quite a while so Perry and I took advantage of getting out of the house for a fun play day together.

First stop was the Matrix Gym for their preschool "Whiz Kids" play hour. It is $5 for an hour of open gym time. Perry had blast running around and playing with all the equipment.

He spent the most time playing with these cones and discs. He was totally mesmerized with stacking and counting them. He kept calling the cones, castles. Maybe he has spent too long at Disney. lol

He is definitely not a dare devil, and approached heights and pits of foam blocks with some serious caution. Even after watching other kids (and younger kids) jump off into the foam, he wouldn't do it. He crawled up to the platform once and acted like he wanted to, but decided against it once he got to the edge.

I finally did get him into the foam pit to play, but only after getting in with him. I didn't mind. It was an excuse to play myself. And I can imagine the whole thing feels like quick sand to a little person. Once he got in it, he decided it was pretty fun and played there until it was time to go.

From there we went downtown because it was such a pretty day and visited with the ducks for a few minutes. We didn't have any food with us, so the ducks lost interest in us pretty quickly. Perry had fun chasing them around though.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat on the square downtown and headed home for naptime. I must have worn him out pretty well. Because the kid napped from 1-6. Thats a long nap, even by Perry standards.

The day ended with a bath time to get all the sweat and germs off of him from the day of fun. It was such a fun little holiday off with my favorite kid.

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