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Thursday, January 29, 2015
It has been a week around here. Last weekend didn't go anything like it was supposed to when preschool called last Thursday morning to say Perry wasn't acting like himself and had a low grade fever. By the time Andrew got there to get him it was more than a low grade fever, and by the time they got home it was 101 point something. He gave him some motrin and put him down for a nap. Poor buddy wasn't any better when he woke up and went to bed with a 101.9 fever.

It is pitiful when your toddler is trying to take his own temperature.

I took him to the pediatrician Friday morning when he still had a fever, albeit lower than the night before, and he got diagnosed with the flu. Bless his heart. Yes, he had his flu shot. Which only worked something like 20% of the time this year. So he is in the 80% that it didn't work to keep the influenza at bay. So he got a script for some tamiflu and Andrew and I called our doctors to get tamiflu scripts ourselves. Maybe it was the tamiflu or maybe it was the fact that he had the flu shot to help temper the infection, but Perry was much better by Friday night and had no more fever. So the illness actually only lasted less than 48 hours. In fact we might have gotten by without ever even knowing it was the flu if it had not been Friday and I wanted to get him seen before the weekend hit.

Friday night he was still feeling a little puny, so we ate pizza on the sofa together and watched his favorite...Frozen. 

So thankful it was short lived and our little boy was back to normal quickly. P and I hung at home all weekend though to have some rest and recooperation time. We played a lot, watched movies and got a little crazy and did some arts and crafts on Saturday. Because I had too much time on my hands. And idle hands get on pinterest and find cute things to do and make.

With Valentines around the corner I found this cute idea of making a heart painting by putting masking tape on paper in the shape of a heart and letting him paint over the top. Then when you pull the tape back off it leaves an unpainted heart in the middle. Perry had so much fun covering the paper in paint. It turned out super cute. Once the paint was good and dry I scanned it into the computer and used it to make some Valentines cards for Perry to mail out.

We stayed out of church on Sunday to keep any residual germs to ourselves and watched online. So thankful for live streaming of church services. Perry slept like crazy all weekend. He always sleeps good and long, but I think we hit a new record on Saturday when I had to wake him up at 11 am. Crazy!


Perry was definitely all better by Monday and we all went back to our normal routines. Kinda. Monday was preschool re-enrollment at Mayfair so I was up at the crack of dawn making sure he has a place in his class for next year. Which he does. But let me just say that I was the 18th parent there at 5:45 in the morning. Testament to how great that place is.

Tuesday morning Perry got checked out of school to go back to the pediatrician, this time for his 2 year old well visit. Dr. Ellis was super impressed with Perry's development and said he is more sociable and verbal than most 2 year olds he sees. Perry named colors and counted to 10 and talked in good sentences for him. Growth wise Perry is good. Kinda tall and definitely lean. 60%ile for height and 25%ile for weight. He got one little shot (hepA) and he did great. Got the all clear to "see you in a year."

The rest of the week has been pretty ordinary at home. I have been busy at work with a early Wednesday morning trip down to UAB to give a talk and a full day in clinic today. Perry has discovered where all of his toys went...in the closet under the stairs. So he has had fun rediscovering his toys. And doing well with the instruction of "one toy out at a time." He sings the clean up song every time he puts one away. Precious.

Tonight we played together for several hours when we got home and put together this train set that he got over a year ago but hasn't been pulled out in a really long time. It has a train that moves on it's own and we had so much fun building the track and watching the train go around. Trains are his first love.

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