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Low key weekend

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
We did not do much this weekend. The weather was just too cold and gross. P and I didn't go outside until 5:30 on Saturday and he was still in jammies up until that point. Andrew had to brave the ice Saturday morning and get to work. An hour later he finally made it. There was a point though where every road over the mountain was closed. Yikes.

Friday night P and I had another movie night. What better to do on a snow day. No fancy themed food this time. Just some popcorn while we watched Cars together.

Saturday morning Perry woke up asking for cookies for breakfast. Ha. Nice try kid. But then I thought about it and figured I could make him some healthy "cookies." We had some old very ripe bananas. So I smashed them in a bowl with some oats and a couple chocolate chips and made some cookies out of it. No eggs, no sugar, no flour. Just those three things. Perry was so happy when he looked in the oven and said "there's chocolate in there." Haha.

Saturday night we went over to Ann and Gary's for an impromptu family dinner and game night. We hadn't all been together as a family in a while. Seems like we have been running in a million different directions. While the adults played some games and caught up, the kids all snuggled in on the couch with a blanket to watch TV.

Perry was so in his happy place. He cried and cried when we had to leave and kept covering himself back up with the blanket. Kate meanwhile was asleep and snoring within minutes of curling up on the couch. Speaking of, funny story: Perry has started calling Kate, Katherine. He will say "Katherine and Ben." It is so cute. We tried to teach him that Ben's name is actually Benjamin the other night but that didn't catch on so well.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to help with church hospitality for the 8:00 service with our life group. All the kids were there. Perry running around playing and the girls all nestled in their carriers.

We watched the service from the lobby and kept all the kiddos with us. I got to spend a bunch of time snuggling with and loving on sweet Hadley. I had not had her more than 2 seconds before Perry noticed and immediately said "mommy, hold me." So if you want to know a trick to get your independent toddler to want to cuddle...just pick up another baby. So I spent most of service with two sweet babies in my lap.

Snow day 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015
So we finally got a little snow to fall and stick around amidst the rain and sleet. The city all but shut down Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

When Perry woke up from his nap on Friday afternoon we went out and played in the snow for about 10 minutes before we were frozen and ready to go back inside. I say we, it was more like I. Perry did not want to come inside. But considering he boycotts mittens and hats, he had no business being outside for any length of time.

He had fun getting in and out of his cozy coupe in the snow. And trying go figure out why it wouldn't move.

Maybe he needs to call toddler AAA. The snow was all gone by when we woke up Saturday morning but we were stuck inside most of the day due to ice. Thankful we got at least a little snow this year to play in for a few seconds. And now we can say been there, done that. We are so over this winter thing and ready for spring!

Dinner and a Movie: Peter Pan

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Burrrr. Temps in the 20's and sub-zero wind chills means lots of time indoors. To take our mind off the weather, we decided to have a fun dinner and a movie night at home tonight. First we picked the movie: Peter Pan. We have watched hours and hours of Thomas and Jake and the Neverland Pirates recently, and the adults in our house are ready for a change. And it is high time that Perry gets introduced to all the Disney classics. We knew he would love it since he would see some of his favorite people like Hook and Smee and the "tick tock crock."

Once we had a dinner plan it sparked this little thought in my head that wouldn't it be special and fun to have our dinner follow along that same theme. So about 5 minutes spent on Pinterest (cause I had a rare 5 minutes to spare between patients today) and I had a plan. And we pretty much already had everything at home (sans a quick grocery run for some ice cream and cones). 

Our Menu:
Pirate Ship Hot Dogs
Cheese Doubloons
Gold Fish

And strawberries (because we needed some fruit, not because they have anything to do with Peter Pan). Perry loved it all. He kept calling his hot dog a "boat"and says "doubloons" the cutest way. He even asked for a second hot dog. Which is huge for a kid that is usually too busy to eat.

The pirate flags were literally whipped up on the computer in about 3 minutes after I got home, printed, taped to skewers and done. If anyone wants the file just let me know...I am more than happy to send it your way.

For dessert we had teepee ice cream cones and tinkerbell wand pretzels sticks. Cute and oh so easy. And I promise right after I took this picture I put down my phone and helped him not make a total mess with the ice cream cone. 

Perry really liked the movie. He watched the whole thing. Even down to the final disney studio logo to which he proclaimed "It's a castle." lol. The movie ended right at bedtime so it was promptly time for jammies and bed. Not sleep though. Now at 9:30 he has finally gotten quiet on the monitor and I hope is fast asleep. He has been up there for the past hour jabbering away and laughing hysterically. It is the sweetest sound to sit and listen to him play in his crib. He was laughing and saying words like "captain hook" and "tick tock crock." It was a really fun family dinner and movie night around here and Perry went to bed one happy boy.

Happy Birthday Mommyteen

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Saturday morning in addition to it actually Valentines Day, we had another important reason to celebrate. Mommyteen turned 88 last week and we got together with most of the family Saturday morning for brunch at Gibsons BBQ to party with her. Aimee and Anna were in town from Atlanta with their families so Perry had a passel of other kids to run around and play with. He was in heaven.

Happy Birthday Mommyteen! We love you!

Nothing sweeter than a picture of a great grandmother with a bunch of great grandkids. How we got them all smiling and looking forward? I will never know.

Rain rain go away

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
In true southern fashion, the talk for the past week has been about the possibility of snow. The weather men get more confident and that childish excitement of snowdays and snowmen start building up in everyone...and then just as quickly the chances of snow get lower and lower and it turns out to just rain...a lot. But not before the schools get jumpy and decide to start school late and end early. We have gotten an impressive amount of rain...if only they were snowflakes falling...alas.

Mayfair follows the schools so I dropped P off at school yesterday at 10 and then returned to pick him up at 3:30. Today there is already a 3 hour delay scheduled as well. I'm not going to pretend I am not enjoying slow mornings at home with my boy.

We even had cinnamon rolls for breakfast yesterday and watched it rain.

Then last night we snuggled up on the couch and watched Thomas together and broke open a box of thin mint cookies. I think it was Perry's first thin mint experience and he was a fan. He took a bite and exclaimed "that is good!" lol. Yes son, it is.

Kid definitely has a sweet tooth. More often that not when we ask what he wants to eat (you know for a real meal), his answer is either cookies, or candy, or cupcakes. We may not be able to force green veggies down, but cupcakes for dinner is a no. :)

Here's to hoping it will dry and warm up soon...or it will just go ahead and snow. This cold icy wet thing is no fun. We are making the most of it though.

Preschool Valentines

Monday, February 16, 2015
Perry had his school Valentines party on Friday. He was having a kind of clingy day and wouldn't let mom far from his side (which made mom leaving for work after the party a little traumatic for everyone involved) but I was happy to get to stay and hang out with him during the party.

The party pretty much consisted of some play time and food. It is so cute watching the kids collectively clean up all their toys and line up sitting along the wall to say their blessing. They obey so well for a whole bunch of two year olds.

Perry giving Mrs. Patty her Valentine

Yeah, Perry is not thrilled at mom standing across the room.

They are smart there and give out food in order of descending nutritional value. Perry had that plot sniffed out from the get go and barely ate anything, waiting on the cookies he knew were coming at the end.

Have you ever seen a kid so happy to have a cookie???

Most of the kids exchanged valentines and Perry came home with a bag full of goodies. We promptly pulled all the candy off (candy? what candy?) and let him play with the cards. He has loved looking at them and remembering which friend gave him which card.

Perry gave his friends "melted olaf" valentines. With a card that said "You're Worth Melting For". Essentially a little bag of a few marshmallows, a candy corn nose, two pretzel rod arms, and mini chocolate chips buttons and eyes. Perry had fun helping. Though I looked over once while I was pulling out materials and saw this...trying to eat his way to marshmallows through the bag. lol.

Dapper Valentine

Sunday, February 15, 2015
It might be the day after Valentines day, but we let our love for red and pink continue all weekend. Perry was looking mighty dapper this morning for church dressed in his red sweater and checkered bowtie.

Love this little guy so much!

Shopping with a 2 year old

Monday, February 9, 2015
Perry and I set out to go wander and shop a little at Bridgestreet Sunday since the weather was warm and I had a stack of gift cards from Christmas. What actually happened was we went to Bridgestreet and walked (well I walked, Perry ran) around for an hour or so and did not go in any stores. Because when a 2 year old doesn't want to shop, it is pretty hard to make them shop.

Since I didn't actually need anything (thank goodness gift cards do not expire) and I have a cold and not tons of energy for wrangling a toddler, we did what he wanted to do and played on benches, looked at water, and just ran around. Then next thing we knew the little choo choo train that drives around the place went by...and of course P chased after it yelling "choo choo train!" I could hardly keep up with his little legs going after that train.

We were not far from the pick up spot and since P was already pretty much boarding said train, I paid the man the $6 and we climbed in. How do you say no to this face?

It was actually a delightful ride and we met a really nice mom and her adopted 3 year old son that shared our train car. Perry had the best time.

After that we grabbed some lunch and headed home for nap. For a play date morning it was fun...thinking about it in terms of a shopping outing? Not so much.

Watching some hoops

Sunday, February 8, 2015
Last Monday I left work a little bit early to go pick P up from preschool and go watch his good buddy Ashley play basketball for Huntsville High. We had been trying to find a game we could go to all season and finally made it for her last regular season game. They played a hard game against James Clemens but lost in the last couple of minutes. Regardless, we were so happy to be there to see Ashley play and spend some time with the Fountain family. We miss them a lot now that P is in preschool and Julia is not our nanny. Perry had fun sitting with Lauren and playing with his Thomas trains in the stands. He would get excited and clap when he heard everyone else clap (which was sometimes for the other team, but thats ok).

After the game we went down to the court to wait for Ashley to get finished up and Perry had a literal ball playing and running around. David held him up high and let him touch the net and he chased around some big kids who were playing a quick pick up game of basketball. He wanted the ball so badly and even though they were playing keep away from him he thought they were being funny so all was well. After a little coaxing from David, they let him have the ball for a minute and toss it back. I think P had no concept that he was way littler than them...he just wanted in on the fun.

Perry loves his Lauren and Ashley (and Julia and David). 

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A super bowl post not at all about the super bowl

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
We got together with our lifegroup Sunday night to watch the super bowl game. And by watch, I really mean have the game on in the background while we eat and socialize.

We did it potluck style and feasted on wings, little smokies, buffalo chicken dip, veggies, and cheeseball. We really didn't watch much of the game at all. It was more fun just to hang out with friends. No one had any real vested interest in the outcome of the game. We didn't really even pay much attention to the commercials. Nor have I heard much about them on social media after the fact...were there even any good ones?!?

Perry knows nothing of being the center of attention. Haha. Yeah right. He has our lifegroup guys wrapped around his tiny little finger.

Yes, that is a blanket sled

Pillow fight!

 Stealing Daddy's dessert

We did all stop and watch the half time performance. Say what you will about her, but Katy Perry is an entertaining performer. And her songs are pretty catchy. Perry stood totally still staring at the screen during halftime...I think he was quite amused by the dancing dolphins.

I got to spend the last part of the game sitting with this little nugget in my lap. I can't believe how big our new lifegroup babies are getting. This little one Hadley is nearly four months old and Bethany almost six. Crazy how time flies. It was so nice to get to snuggle and love on a "little baby" again. While my big baby ran around playing with the guys.

The ending of the game was exciting...especially when you didn't care who won and weren't stressed when it came down to the wire, turnovers happened, and a brawl broke out at the end of the game. It provided some good entertainment. And for a bunch of college football fans that have no real interest in the NFL, it was a perfect super bowl evening.

Say it aint so Phil

Happy Monday, Groundhogs Day and day after the super bowl!

Word on the street is that ole Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, predicting 6 more weeks of winter. And in support of that theory, it was spitting snow this morning on the way to work. Come on spring, prove Phil wrong. We are ready for some warm weather and longer days.

Our weekend was filled with little things. Perry was such a trooper sitting through a breakfast hospitality meeting at church and a family oil change outing on Saturday morning. So we decided to go on a little unnecessary but more toddler centric errand to Southerland Station to look at the trains before lunch. P was in little boy heaven. True story we watched him walk by the train table, pick up a Thomas and friends train neither of us have seen before and said "Dash." We pick it up and look under it where the parents cheat sheet of who it is and it said "Dash." No clue where he learned that, but it never ceases to amaze us what he knows.

Later on on Saturday while P napped, we sat and did a little Europe trip planning (hotels picked, check), I went for a run for the first time since turkey day (oops), and relaxed a little ourselves. Post nap we went out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom and on a quick grocery run for super bowl food supplies. Publix means cookie to Perry. He very politely said "cookie please" and "thank you" to the nice bakery man behind the counter.


The weather was just terrible on Sunday. It was rainy and cold all day and night (thanks Phil). I ordered Perry some rain boots recently because he didn't have any, and I just couldn't resist tiny toddler sized Hunter boots. Sunday afternoon was the perfect weather opportunity to break them out and try them on for size. They are a little big right now, but Perry looked so precious in them and his vest. Stylish little boy.

I don't put a lot of stock in weather predicted by a large rodent. Here's to hoping spring will spring soon. But winter drear, or spring showers...Perry is ready for puddle-jumping.

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