A super bowl post not at all about the super bowl

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
We got together with our lifegroup Sunday night to watch the super bowl game. And by watch, I really mean have the game on in the background while we eat and socialize.

We did it potluck style and feasted on wings, little smokies, buffalo chicken dip, veggies, and cheeseball. We really didn't watch much of the game at all. It was more fun just to hang out with friends. No one had any real vested interest in the outcome of the game. We didn't really even pay much attention to the commercials. Nor have I heard much about them on social media after the fact...were there even any good ones?!?

Perry knows nothing of being the center of attention. Haha. Yeah right. He has our lifegroup guys wrapped around his tiny little finger.

Yes, that is a blanket sled

Pillow fight!

 Stealing Daddy's dessert

We did all stop and watch the half time performance. Say what you will about her, but Katy Perry is an entertaining performer. And her songs are pretty catchy. Perry stood totally still staring at the screen during halftime...I think he was quite amused by the dancing dolphins.

I got to spend the last part of the game sitting with this little nugget in my lap. I can't believe how big our new lifegroup babies are getting. This little one Hadley is nearly four months old and Bethany almost six. Crazy how time flies. It was so nice to get to snuggle and love on a "little baby" again. While my big baby ran around playing with the guys.

The ending of the game was exciting...especially when you didn't care who won and weren't stressed when it came down to the wire, turnovers happened, and a brawl broke out at the end of the game. It provided some good entertainment. And for a bunch of college football fans that have no real interest in the NFL, it was a perfect super bowl evening.

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