Dinner and a Movie: Peter Pan

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Burrrr. Temps in the 20's and sub-zero wind chills means lots of time indoors. To take our mind off the weather, we decided to have a fun dinner and a movie night at home tonight. First we picked the movie: Peter Pan. We have watched hours and hours of Thomas and Jake and the Neverland Pirates recently, and the adults in our house are ready for a change. And it is high time that Perry gets introduced to all the Disney classics. We knew he would love it since he would see some of his favorite people like Hook and Smee and the "tick tock crock."

Once we had a dinner plan it sparked this little thought in my head that wouldn't it be special and fun to have our dinner follow along that same theme. So about 5 minutes spent on Pinterest (cause I had a rare 5 minutes to spare between patients today) and I had a plan. And we pretty much already had everything at home (sans a quick grocery run for some ice cream and cones). 

Our Menu:
Pirate Ship Hot Dogs
Cheese Doubloons
Gold Fish

And strawberries (because we needed some fruit, not because they have anything to do with Peter Pan). Perry loved it all. He kept calling his hot dog a "boat"and says "doubloons" the cutest way. He even asked for a second hot dog. Which is huge for a kid that is usually too busy to eat.

The pirate flags were literally whipped up on the computer in about 3 minutes after I got home, printed, taped to skewers and done. If anyone wants the file just let me know...I am more than happy to send it your way.

For dessert we had teepee ice cream cones and tinkerbell wand pretzels sticks. Cute and oh so easy. And I promise right after I took this picture I put down my phone and helped him not make a total mess with the ice cream cone. 

Perry really liked the movie. He watched the whole thing. Even down to the final disney studio logo to which he proclaimed "It's a castle." lol. The movie ended right at bedtime so it was promptly time for jammies and bed. Not sleep though. Now at 9:30 he has finally gotten quiet on the monitor and I hope is fast asleep. He has been up there for the past hour jabbering away and laughing hysterically. It is the sweetest sound to sit and listen to him play in his crib. He was laughing and saying words like "captain hook" and "tick tock crock." It was a really fun family dinner and movie night around here and Perry went to bed one happy boy.

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