Low key weekend

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
We did not do much this weekend. The weather was just too cold and gross. P and I didn't go outside until 5:30 on Saturday and he was still in jammies up until that point. Andrew had to brave the ice Saturday morning and get to work. An hour later he finally made it. There was a point though where every road over the mountain was closed. Yikes.

Friday night P and I had another movie night. What better to do on a snow day. No fancy themed food this time. Just some popcorn while we watched Cars together.

Saturday morning Perry woke up asking for cookies for breakfast. Ha. Nice try kid. But then I thought about it and figured I could make him some healthy "cookies." We had some old very ripe bananas. So I smashed them in a bowl with some oats and a couple chocolate chips and made some cookies out of it. No eggs, no sugar, no flour. Just those three things. Perry was so happy when he looked in the oven and said "there's chocolate in there." Haha.

Saturday night we went over to Ann and Gary's for an impromptu family dinner and game night. We hadn't all been together as a family in a while. Seems like we have been running in a million different directions. While the adults played some games and caught up, the kids all snuggled in on the couch with a blanket to watch TV.

Perry was so in his happy place. He cried and cried when we had to leave and kept covering himself back up with the blanket. Kate meanwhile was asleep and snoring within minutes of curling up on the couch. Speaking of, funny story: Perry has started calling Kate, Katherine. He will say "Katherine and Ben." It is so cute. We tried to teach him that Ben's name is actually Benjamin the other night but that didn't catch on so well.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to help with church hospitality for the 8:00 service with our life group. All the kids were there. Perry running around playing and the girls all nestled in their carriers.

We watched the service from the lobby and kept all the kiddos with us. I got to spend a bunch of time snuggling with and loving on sweet Hadley. I had not had her more than 2 seconds before Perry noticed and immediately said "mommy, hold me." So if you want to know a trick to get your independent toddler to want to cuddle...just pick up another baby. So I spent most of service with two sweet babies in my lap.

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