One week, three ways

Friday, February 27, 2015
It has been a strange week around here and the three people in our house each had very different weeks. Because well, this happened.

And that was two days after the snow actually fell. When we all managed to make it home.

I headed out on Monday to spend a couple of days down in Auburn for a teacher training. We realized pretty quickly that we were not going to be coming home on Wednesday evening as planned and went ahead and booked another nights hotel stay. A record setting snow was set to descend on North Alabama Wednesday afternoon into evening.

So I spent most of the week in Auburn. And I have to say there are far worse places to get stuck. :) While in the loveliest village on the plains I got to go visit and say hello to the new Toomers Corner Oak Trees that were planted just a couple weeks ago. It is so nice to see live and healthy trees on that corner again. They were looking good with big orange and blue bows and big fences around them keeping them safe.

I also got to meet with some of my favorite people down at Auburn, Dr. Wit and Mrs. Childress over at COSAM. It was so nice to catch up with them and walk around on campus like old times.

We got to eat some yummy food. I mean I can't go to Auburn without getting a turkey wrap from Amsterdam Cafe. And thanks to the extra night we spent there, I got to take Madelene out for a nice dinner for her Birthday at Hamiltons.

Tuesday evening I decided to take myself to go see the mens basketball team play LSU and check out a game in the new arena with the new basketball coach. Auburn lost miserably, but it was still fun.

It was not all play. The teacher training was a success and went really smoothly. And we have 30 more teachers all trained and ready to use Touching Triton in their biology classrooms.

So that was my week. Andrew had a couple days off with P early in the week and then worked through the whole snow event and had to get a hotel on the "other side of the mountain" Wednesday night so he could get back to open the pharmacy on Thursday morning.

Perry I think had the best week. He got snowed in with Granna and Granddaddy. And they had a grand time. They watched the snow fall, made snow cream, ate beignets for breakfast and played in the snow a bunch with Granna, Granddaddy and the Eckleys. Perry even went sledding for the first time. They were great at sending us pictures of our boy having a great time with his snow days. Huntsville got so much snow! Something like 8-9 inches across the board.

Snow cream!

Sledding with Granddaddy

I finally made it home late Thursday afternoon and went to go pick up P. I walked in and he took one look at me, burst into tears and cried for "Daddy." Not a warm fuzzy mommy moment. Apparently when he is upset (aka don't make me leave this fun place) he will cry for whoever is not there. Like tonight when he got upset at mommy and daddy for making him leave his bath toys in the bath tub. And he cried asking for Granna and Granddaddy. lol.

I was so happy to get home to this sweet boy. It didn't take long for him to warm up to me and was happy to go home to his train table and other toys. We are looking forward to a nice weekend where we are all in town and at home.

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