Preschool Valentines

Monday, February 16, 2015
Perry had his school Valentines party on Friday. He was having a kind of clingy day and wouldn't let mom far from his side (which made mom leaving for work after the party a little traumatic for everyone involved) but I was happy to get to stay and hang out with him during the party.

The party pretty much consisted of some play time and food. It is so cute watching the kids collectively clean up all their toys and line up sitting along the wall to say their blessing. They obey so well for a whole bunch of two year olds.

Perry giving Mrs. Patty her Valentine

Yeah, Perry is not thrilled at mom standing across the room.

They are smart there and give out food in order of descending nutritional value. Perry had that plot sniffed out from the get go and barely ate anything, waiting on the cookies he knew were coming at the end.

Have you ever seen a kid so happy to have a cookie???

Most of the kids exchanged valentines and Perry came home with a bag full of goodies. We promptly pulled all the candy off (candy? what candy?) and let him play with the cards. He has loved looking at them and remembering which friend gave him which card.

Perry gave his friends "melted olaf" valentines. With a card that said "You're Worth Melting For". Essentially a little bag of a few marshmallows, a candy corn nose, two pretzel rod arms, and mini chocolate chips buttons and eyes. Perry had fun helping. Though I looked over once while I was pulling out materials and saw this...trying to eat his way to marshmallows through the bag. lol.

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